What is Solsken Threads?

I am a designer and storyteller, who writes with a needle and thread to translate stories of the heart.

The work of my heart is to tell stories and capture history, by hand, through color, symbols and texture.  I believe it is important to tell our stories, to honor the people and moments that we keep close in our heart.  Visually passing these stories on is a sacred way to show thanks for the gift we have received as well as offer a connection, a golden thread, between ourselves and those we love.

Through thoughtful discernment, I design patterns for you to create, by your hand, as gifts for others.  With colorful stitches and meaningful symbols, my intent is for you to capture moments that celebrate a person or event, that say thank you, that give light to others  and that tell a story for future generations. 

My work is a reflection of who I am.  The patterns I design and the threads I stitch are a prism of my own heart, as well as a celebration of my family and my Scandinavian heritage.  "Solsken" is the Swedish translation for "sunshine".  With each needlework gift, I hope you find exactly that...a ray of light, threads from the sun, a heartfelt connection between you and the recipient of the gift you create.

Thank you for considering the patterns that are Solsken Threads.  

Everyone has a gift and a story to tell...  

Tell your story!

Patterns available in July 2018

I am hard at work on the first collection of patterns that will be offered through my Solsken Threads Etsy site starting in July 2018.  

More news to follow!